Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally Some Decor!

With all of our concentration being on cleaning, renovating, more cleaning, a little more cleaning and caulking, little thought has been put into what to do with the house once it's done. The options are endless. Do we do modern, traditional, ferderal, colonial, a mix, etc. Currently we are rocking the "post college" chic with a dash of "yep we have kids" so it would be nice to have a few nicely designed and executed rooms.

In an odd twist of events, the other day I actually had some free time! I was seriously sitting in my car thinking "ok I have free time, now what?" I was close to the local thrift store, an hour to kill and off we were! I've never had that great of luck up here with thrift stores but it's the best bet for vintage finds.
This time was so much different!
The haul (Minus the painting of course)

Apparently someone had donated a ton of colonial decor. I'm quite surprised I showed the restraint that I did, haha. I don't want to over do it but this is a large house so a nod to it's age here and there is a nice touch.

Those bad boys are a lot heavier than they look. I'm not sure what they are made out of but they sure as hell can kill any spider they come across...or hold up books, which ever.

No real rhyme or reason to this except it looks cool. I think I have 2 double switches in the entire house so I hope it will work.

This was an interesting hand painted piece. Since we are coastal I'm actually surprised I didn't find more like this. It did have writing on the back but I have no idea what it says.

Shown Above: Illegible chicken scratch

This next piece is a little over the top in my opinion but I suppose the basement may need decor as well? It's made of driftwood so it's an interesting to say the least.

Shown Above: Over the Top in Jen's book

The best find, in my humble opinion, was a well made rocking chair. It's comfy and solidly built. Considering seating is at a minimum currently, I think it's a nice addition although I'm not sure how it will work out in the long term.

Finally a chair! and a rocket.....

Grand total for everything shown was $35. Obviously I need to find more free time and do this a bit more often!

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