Monday, April 16, 2012

Battle Lighting Continues!

Out of the 16 or so rooms in this house, only 7 have over head lighting. This tally does not include the creepy little rooms although they do have over head lighting, which makes me shake my head at any former electrician that came into this house and thought "oh yes, tiny creepy rooms need light but bedrooms? Nahhhhh!" but I digress...

We've finally come to a decision on how we'd like to design the bedroom:

Of course no canopy though because even though the fire place could hide a whale, you have to duck to walk through a door. Once we decided on the general theme of course my first purchase was:
Low ceiling be damned!!!

It is way harder to find a plug in chandelier than I originally though. We've decided to go with wall sconces and floor lamps for most of the unlit rooms. Breaking into the horse hair walls for a rewire would be more hassle then it's worth plus I'm completely ok with not knowing what is back there.

When we first moved in, we didn't realize that most of the rooms lacked lighting because we were never really here in the dark. So as a result, in a panic, we went out and bought a bunch of these.

Only to realize later on how completely butt ugly they are. I'll try to redo a few, maybe move a few to the basement...So we will see their fate later.

This time around we went back and bought 3 more floor lamps.

2 of these, in the white color. I do like the added reading lamp.

One of these. And this....

Because it's yellow! And really, who doesn't like yellow? Unhappy people, that's who!!

I have no idea where these will go as of right now, I'm just happy to put a dent in the dark for now.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Few Random Updates

Busy busy busy around the house due to the holidays. Hopefully we can make more progress as the weather warms up (haha, I forgot this is New England.)

First I'll start with the newest acquisitions.

I love silhouettes! I've always wanted to get some done of the kids and I but so far I haven't been able to find anyone to do it. I found this pair at an antique shop for $3! Cant beat that.

Now to the furniture...

Well we fit it through the door, haha. It's currently in the dining room as we are still unpacking and clearing room in the parlor. Oh and we don't have a dining room table so it fits nicely.

Apparently this is how you decorate a fireplace that could swallow a Volvo.

And finally....

My 200 year old door would like to wish you a happy Easter!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have been struggling with everything from paint color to furniture placement. I realize I'm over thinking things but really, that's what I do best. I was so excited though when I randomly found these 2 books at the store yesterday.

I'm going through them now and I'll post later if I find anything great :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Furniture Jenga, Day 2

Finally made it back from the second day of the tag sale. Next year we are getting a uhaul. I really have no self control at these things and if I could have fit more, I would have!

Thankfully the Settee made it home, unharmed. I couldn't get a picture of it in good, outdoor lighting because it was beginning to drizzle unfortunately.

It, along with the other 2 seats, will need work. A good cleaning of the upholstery, restuffing, re tacking and firming up the frame. Really I'd say about 8 hours worth but definitely worth it for the price.

I haven't yet explored on here my love for old photos, paintings and frames but I found one at the sale that I could not pass up!

Well don't mind if I do!

So the entire lot, desk, painting, Settee and 2 chairs was a grand total of $200. Not bad for a weekend!