Sunday, February 5, 2012

Well Here We Go

We spent our first night in the house and it was.... Interesting. The biggest casualties of the move was our poor dressers. It's got a nice lean to it now and the other has a broken bottom.
Ikea's finest right here.

The "Leaning Tower of Dressers" right in my own home!

Our box spring mattress was the other loser. Apparently it won't fit up the stairs no matter how hard we tried. Mattress on the floor time for us!

Ahhh yes, the floor!

There are things you don't notice about a place until you live there. For instance, the floors were built "fun house" style and a level would cry for help and salvation in Jasper's room, as you can see by the epic lean of his dresser.

More and better updates to come once cable is hooked up tomorrow! Roughing it is no fun!


  1. Dont forget to anchor the dressers and heavy stuff to the wall so that Jasper doesnt get hurt :)

    Also look into a platform bed so that your up off the floor :)

  2. If it's a king size bed you can get two double box springs.

  3. It's just a queen so now we have to put the queen box matress in storage :( We are looking into some kind of platform bed but most of the designs are very minimalist.
    We are going to anchor EVERYTHING once we get it all arranged. As of now he's not in his room alone unless he's sleeping. So much baby proofing left to do!