Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow, Snow Everywhere!

The first year I moved to Connecticut, within a week there was a blizzard. Having moved from Southeast Louisiana, snow is not something I have a lot of first hand experience with. After that winter, I'm pretty sure I developed some sort of post traumatic stress for the white fluffy stuff.

A week ago I experienced my first blizzard here in the creepy cape. I honestly didn't worry too much because, hey the house has been here forever! I made sure we had enough wood, I stocked up on the mandatory bread, eggs and milk (for that post blizzard french toast fix) and I figured we were all set. Around 5 pm the thought hit me "Hmm maybe I should make sure we have flash lights just in case..." about an hour later the power went off and did not come back on until Sunday.
Friday during the blizzard
Saturday, the day after.
There was no way to consistently measure the snow drifts. In some places it was 16 inches, in others it was 24. It all depended on which way the wind blew. Oh and apparently thunder and lightning is a thing during blizzards here. Good to know!
That car still hasn't moved....
So like I was saying, the power went off Friday during the early evening. I had blind faith that it wouldn't be off too long. Surely CL&P had crews prepared, right? RIGHT???!?
Apparently only so they could run into freshly plowed driveways...
So no, no they didn't. Instead things got real colonial around here pretty quickly.
Yes, this happened. Boiling water fail.
I tried my best to keep the kids entertained, keep the house warm, keep the dogs from eating everything etc etc etc. So the best laid plans of "oh I'll be snowed in so I'll use that time to clean!" turned into "Oh we are snowed in with no power, it's like extreme camping!" and I hate camping.
The kids in their cardboard entertainment center.
Overall I take from this experience that I take electricity for granted. Even the food in our refrigerator spoiled so I cant imagine if had stayed out any longer. Things would have turned savage!

Hope you guys are warmer!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Garage Saga!

I didn't realize I'd left so many cliff hangers!
Some of you might remember my garage and my lack of a key.

Damn you locked doors...

 Well as fate would have it, I finally HAD to open it. Daniel is deployed and I need to store his car.
Because a snowy hill is a perfect place for a sports car!

 My first run of cinderella-esque key locating did not go so well.
None of these belonged to the garage...
I gave up, maybe the hill would work as a parking place for now? By any rate I quickly forgot my plans due to the overwhelming daily chores, errands, etc.
Yesterday there was a freak snowstorm. Thunder blizzard? At any rate, not the kind of weather you want to walk around in which is exactly what I had to do because both dogs decided they needed a sight seeing tour of the woods. There I am, trudging along the road in a snow suit when I approached my garage. There was a light on inside! I'd never seen it on before, it was completely locked and to my knowledge, no one had been inside in at least a year. Now I had a need to get inside. My curiosity always get the best of me.
Another round of key harvesting found a few more contender. Standing outside in the blistering cold I finally found the key...on Daniel's key chain. Yes he too claimed he had no idea where it was.
Damn you lock!
I'll have to admit that I was a little too excited to get in. I ignored the amazon sized spiders as I threw open the door and found a treasure trove of... stuff.
Into the abyss!
Hey Look! A Vespa? Maybe?
Heck yes!!!
So now that the garage is open, time to clean! I finally had a space cleared so I go back up the hill, try to maneuver the car into the garage while not getting hit by a passing car when I realize I need just a little bit more room. The issue is, this thing is in the way:
What is this thing??
So after all of that hard work, it doesn't fit. The car is too long! So back up the hill we go, except it's been snowing so it wont actually go back up the hill....
Yep it was one of those days

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coming Soon.....

Lots of personal issues arose but we will be up and running with lots of new posts very soon. So very sorry you guys!!