Sunday, February 12, 2012

House Artifacts #3

Sorry for the lack of posts, we moved in this week officially and it's been NUTS!

But now I digress...

The more we dig around and try to clean, the more we find! Sometimes in the strangest of places, such as under radiators, high shelves or in the dirt. In today's addition lets look at some LOCKS!

Yes I realize I need to do some trim work on the windows as well :)

We are finding them everywhere! Lock and keys alike! Not sure what goes with what yet though. Some are rusted, some aren't. The lock on the left looks like it was originally red and has the SHIELD printed on my. It has a small key attached. The one on the right seems older and says Jerrier. Far right is the skeleton type key that was found with this particular lot.

More to come!

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