Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Live in Crack House

Or rather a house with a lot of cracks! I guess for a 200+ year old house, it's not that bad but wow. Every single room! Here is a break down of what I'm dealing with:
Oh this cant be good

The above crack is located in the corner of the master bedroom. I don't even understand this one. It appears that the crack has broken the molding on the bottom yet the walls still meet (?). Caulking will fix everything right???

Don't mind Lola, she apparently was also very interested in that crack

This one is under the window in the walk in closet. Seems like a simple enough fix, just Spackle right?

These are in the "Fallon Suite" aka guest bedroom. Another Spackle job.

There are many many more but they are all hairline. I suppose that cracks like these are normal, especially since most of the rooms have the "fun house" effect. Maybe I should just buy stock in Spackle and caulk.

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