Thursday, May 31, 2012

House Artifact #4 Baron von Dog Buckle

This is the house that keeps on giving!!... Really strange stuff! Here we are with the latest basement find.

So awesome it had to be instagramed. Yes, I have made that a verb.

It's a brass dog belt buckle!

So many questions with this one. Why is it in the basement? Who would have worn this? Why would someone make this dog *this* anatomically correct?

The back, sadly not instagramed.

It was made around 1978 so it must have made it's way into basement land sometime after that.
Therefore, dear Baron Buckle, I hope you enjoy your new home in the light of day. I'm sure things have changed quite a bit from the disco scene of the 1970's.

Note: Lots more house artifacts soon to be posted as I am in the process of buying a metal detector, woohoo!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Prodigal Daughter/House has Returned!

So very sorry for the long absents but lots of things going on in the old homestead. Expect a flurry of updates soon!

Today let's do a half tour of the garage! Why a half tour? Because I lost the key haha.

It's actually pretty interesting, architecturally speaking. It's a 2 car garage, on the road so it's perfect for the winter (If it's empty, I have no idea, being keyless and all)

Hey look, a different angle! Can't wait to cut the locks and see what's inside!

So to be continued on the bottom level. On to the top level!

This is the top level that over looks the back yard. Currently it's where all of the garden utensils go to be forgotten.

Oh look, I have a roof on the ground! Kinda odd but at least it looks good from the street.

Here is a different angle, just to show how odd it looks having half a building in my backyard. I guess at least it keeps things interesting :)

More to come!