Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Day, Another Crack

I've decided to make a whole series of posts about all of the cracks, holes and air leaks I've found. It's really simplily amazing. At this rate, I really should just be burning money instead. I've decided to become the caulking queen! All hail!

Take a look at the picture below. It was taken at dusk in my parlour room.

Excuse the quality, I've seemed to have lost my camera in the move...

So what you see here is a moving box that I'd just moved over, the electric heater cord and the floor. Wait...what's that? Is that....LIGHT???? Why yes, yes it is. In several spots through out the parlour, you can see straight through the floor into the basement. I hadnt noticed before because honestly I wasnt looking and there were boxes everywhere. Now we need to make sure we wont fall through and after that....idk rugs maybe?

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