Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not Bad for a Days Work

I often get asked where I find some of the house "artifacts." Well some are laying around, on high shelves, underneath things, in odd places or, in this case, under floor boards!

Today I finally took the time to clean out the tiny rooms in the master bedroom and vacuum the baseboards. Well 5 hours have gone by and I over did it a little, haha. I did all of the baseboards, chair rails, closets, fireplace, bathroom, radiator, etc... My conclusion is, it's a big damn room.

Although this room is rather tiny...

Since most of today I've been on my knees, I'm seeing things at angles I don't typically see. As I went to enter the tiny room on the left I saw a slight glint of light and glitter from the threshold. I went in for a closer look...

Before I started cleaning, obviously

I couldn't quite tell what it was, but it looked gold. Gold is good enough to go after in my book. So after finding some expert tools, I went to work.

Shown above: Expert Tools

After much finesse and patience....
Lots and lots and lots of patience...and maybe some ripped up wood....


Shown above: SUCCESS!!

It does have a stamp marking on the inside but I can not tell what it says yet. Of course this is nothing like what awaited me in the fireplace....

Damn you dirty fireplace and my OCD need to clean you....

As I readied my vacuum to suck up a lifetimes worth of dirt, again a little glint caught my eye. I guess it was saying, SAVE ME FROM YOUR POWERFUL VACUUM!!

Can you see it yet?

Look closer....

And Closer....


All in all, not a bad job for a day's worth of cleaning!!!


  1. Do these items fall into your "Some Things Belong To The House" category?

  2. IDK man, IDK.

    I am going to do a whole post on the "Fallon Suite" btw, hahaha

  3. Do it. I'll crosspost it on my blog.

  4. Maybe the former owner burned the body of his ex-fiancee in that fireplace and all that's left of her is that diamond engagement ring. Now her ghost will probably haunt you and posses your body to exact revenge on the dude...

    Or else I've been watching too many scary movies.