Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Look! We decorated! See? It's red white and blue candles....

Ok ok, it's the best I could come up with.

 Happy birthday to our country (never heard that greeting until I moved to New England) and happy 239th year to the creepy cape! Here here to year 240!!!


We've lived here quite a few months now but for some reason we still lack one thing, wall art. Sure we own a lot but it doesn't seem to make it up on the wall. I'm happy to say that after 4 months we've finally hung something up!

I know, amazing isnt it?

I cant guarantee that the wall wont be painted soon, thus it'll have to come back down but at least it's something.

So... it's a little high. Maybe I need to rethink this after all. A mirror perhaps to help redirect the light? Typically it's a pretty dark corridor.

The picture itself is an estate sale find. I noticed when I first bought it that it was a little grimy but I clearly underestimated it. Last night I finally got to cleaning it and well, damn that thing was filthy! It must have been in a kitchen or restaurant because it was covered in grease! The print is vintage though so I guess it's worth it. Completely disgusting and I felt like a needed a bath afterwards, but worth it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Things I Find...

For the past two months we've been trying to get the pool up and running. We finally have it to where it isn't so cloudy but that is for another post. The pool is surrounded but a fence and it's located on a hill.

And it's shaped like Mickey Mouse's head!!

Recently I've noticed weird holes showing up on the hill. They are about the size of a half dollar but I haven't seen anything go in or out of them.

We decided to go ahead and treat the entire hill with bug killer, just in case. (We have an ant problem up there any way so I figured it couldn't hurt.)

As I'm crouching over, I see something in the dirt. Not completely sure what it is, I decided to dig it up.

Oh yeah, that's not scary AT ALL

What is this?? I know that it looks like a hook, but a hook to what? It's around 3 inches long and sharp.

It just reaffirms my decision to buy a metal detector. That post is coming soon :)