Thursday, January 19, 2012

So I Finally Did it

I went to the house at night. You would think "Oh hey, before I commit to a major life decision, I better make sure it's ok at night." Well not this Gal! And who has a crippling fear of the dark? Oh yeah, me again. I went by to get the keys, pick up some paper work and drop a few things off. Little did I know exactly how "dark" it gets there. It's not normal neighborhood dark, it's deep space black hole dark. No street lights, no car lights, no lights from other house. With only 3 over head lights in the house, the dark and silence crept in. I had the fight or flight instant panic set in and off to the car I bound in a sheer fit of panic and haste. I sat in the car for idk how long until Judie showed up so help me finish. I couldn't even go back to shut the front door, I seriously could not move. It's like the dark was creeping in. I will now have a flashlight within arms length for the rest of my life. Also I need to add out door lighting to our growing list of needs.
*Le Sigh*

And now for tonight's pictures!
Outside, you can see some of the ancient wall

Those arent orbs! That's just dust! Right? RIGHT???

We are only going to focus on how much I hate that carpet

More of the living room after the orb o rama photo

I dont even remember what room this is

 Not so bad from this angle
I'm just taking random photos at this point
Oh hey the kid's bathroom! Totally not creepy!

That's all for this time. I'll be back there tomorrow when we will go into the basement. Sorry though, I will never go into that attic


  1. It's an old house, I'm sure it's dust and not orbs

  2. I love the built ins! And I bet under that gross carpeting there is beautiful original hardwood!

  3. Fal, it better be just some damn dust! Can you imagine the ghostly outrage of a southern living in a union house? For Shame!! hahaha

    Joy, I really hope so. I wouldnt mind carpet in that room, just not that carpet. I cant even identify the color