Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We have no furniture. No really! We currently live in a house that is 1000 square feet, think cramped, tight and cluttered. Our couch is really just a love seat, our table is tiny and nothing we have it what I'd consider that great. So moving into a house that is more than twice the size that we are use to is daunting! We desperately need furniture, like real adult furniture haha. We also need lighting, decor, etc etc... So off to Ikea we went for ideas! We know we'd like a few period pieces but also some that will hold up against kids....
So first we tackled lighting
Chandelier's are were it is at!
Serena's lamp was rather easy to find

We also bought a pleathora of cheap floor lamps until we figure out the other 6 rooms. No over head lighting is a more daughting issue than I thought.

We love this clock. A modern take on the grandfather, plus storage. It's a great idea and who doesnt like multitasking??

Since we have absolutely no seating, we have no idea where to start. I thought this set was nice, plus wicker is kind of period, right?? I need to do more research but at least it's comfy!

I will continue my search for furniture but more measurements need to be made!

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