Friday, January 27, 2012

The Best Room in the House!

And the one that needs the least work! Oh how I love this kitchen. We honestly didn't look at it much when we first looked into the house. My check list included: Dishwasher.... ok, that was it. Just a dishwasher. I seriously hate doing dishes though. The appliances are quite nice though, a double oven, counter stove top and a french door refrigerator. Of course even this room has history. The cabinet doors were made from the floor boards from an upstairs bedroom. Gotta love keeping it authentic!

Here are some of the highlights and surprises that we've found:

A wine rack! total surprise but awesome space saver.

This is under the stove top. I'm assuming it's for spices?

A Lazy Susan! Made from the original butcher block counter tops.
Yes that is mouse trap. I'm very paranoid haha.

This is going to make Thanksgiving dinner so much easier to make!

I love the glass in these cabinets!

So the only thing we are doing in this room is adding some hanging additions under the top cabinetry.

Easy Peasy!

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