Sunday, January 22, 2012

And Now for the Basement!

Ah the Basement... A place filled with equal parts wonder, terror and "what the frick is that??" Today let's do an abbreviated tour of the basement. I'm open to any and all ideas to making this area more...livable? How about we start small and let's just make it less "Holy crap how fast can I do laundry so I never have to come down here again?" or even less "Ya know what, I'll just buy new clothes."


Behold! My laundry room!!!

The area to the immediate left of my amazing laundry room space. Future home of a personal gym. Can't you tell by that amazing ball?

The original basement door which leads to the outside at ground level. More on the history of this later.

Dan's amazing new tool/work room! Except he owns no tools....
New crafting space for me perhaps?

Other side of work room. I love those horses.

To our knowledge the basement doesn't leak or flood. Now that doesn't mean that it wont though. I was thinking of some sort of storage or shelving unit.

Something like this even?

Decisions, Decisions....Off to go Pin some craft rooms!!


  1. That basement is the creep. You need to change the lighting with a vengeance. Then, you need to crank up that super eighties boombox and utilize all that peg board girlfriend. You now have a drool-worthy crafting area. You could set up an area just for gift wrap. I'm jealous.

  2. Haha yay a gift wrap area! We are so keeping the boom box. Daniel spent 10 minutes drooling over it. There is A LOT that needs to be done in that basement, hard to know where to begin!

  3. I just noticed in both photos, taken at least 15 minutes apart, he's staring at that boom box hahaha

  4. I LOVE your story!! Finally a laundry room that looks just like mine - with the exception that my dryer and washer are located on different sides of the room! My advice - keep a heavy broom handy (that is my weapon of choice). We also installed those lightbulb sensors. So when I walk down - the lights just turn on all over. AND if the light is on before I go down- I leave the house :)

  5. Thank you so much! We are definitely going to buy the lightbulb sensors ASAP. Otherwise I may never go down there!