Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm expecting a white rabbit....

To hop out with a pocket watch at any moment. Some of the rooms have little doors to no where. They are located in the gables and some even have windows! No idea what to do with them or what they were used for... I mean i suppose it could be for storage but i dont want to offend the potential gnomes, fairies or white rabbits that may live there, haha. The strangest one is in the basement and we could use it as a wine cellar, I guess?

Even better, apparently that step says "Caution!"
Tiny Door in Master bedroom
Inside of tiny room in purple room
Entrance to tiny room in purple room


  1. The little doors and closet rooms are kind of creepy, but so neat. Just think how much fun it will be for your kids to play hide and seek.

  2. The first one--maybe firewood storage? Is there a fireplace nearby? The second one, I have no idea. We used to live in a house with a little basically useless room like that. We called it the Jesus room because when we moved in, there were three pictures of Jesus in there.

  3. what a great place. I own a home from 1856. it's tiny, remodled in the '50's and no where as charming as this. Old places never have closest and you have walk-ins! woohoo!

  4. Kind of creepy but pretty awesome!

  5. One of those closets is your designated Christmas decoration closet.