Friday, January 20, 2012

At Least I have Snow Tires

Went back today to see how the house did in the snow. I thought we only got about an inch but apparently my house is located in some sort of weather paradox because I couldn't even find my driveway! It's a rock driveway instead of asphalt so I don't think a snow thrower would work, unless I'd like to throw rocks into my windows. How could it even be shoveled?? Maybe a snow blower? Ah so many options and research needs to be done! I suppose we wont be moving much in this weekend, 4-6 inches are expect between 3 AM- 4PM. I've never been a snow lover but at least it waited this long. I'm newish to the whole snow thing so it's going to be a crash course in snow removal.

It's a good thing I have good tires! I'd make a snow man if I didnt think that I'd run it over.

The lake across the street is completely frozen!

A better view of the ancient wall. The pool is behind the fence, the barn looking thing is the pool house. Oh and look! Christmas trees still in the ground!

Look at that lone little light.... Wait if that's the recycling bin, where is the outdoor trash cans? CRAP! Note to self, buy giant outdoor trash cans.
Not so creepy in the daylight covered in snow! From my car of course because it's really freaking cold! 

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