Friday, June 29, 2012

Green, Green Every Where! Pt. 1

I have painted the majority of my life, on canvas, paper, etc. This in no way prepared me for my adventures in interior house painting. After 3 months of labourious decisions and 3000 paint samples, I decided to paint Jasper's room green. What I wanted was a bright, light green. This color existed in my head at least.

Lesson 1: Always get a sample first.

300 green paint sample. That is what I stared at for a few months. Green is a big commitment. Go too dark and you'll expect fat Brando to jump out at you like a jaguar in the rain forest. Go too bright and it's neon city. In my mind I knew exactly what I wanted. After a lot of comparing, holding up to the wall and lamenting I hit upon Behr's Honeydew color.

This is what it looked like in the catalog.

I thought it was the perfect mix of bright yet light, perfect for a 2 year old boy's room.

Above is a honeydew melon. I was expecting to get the color of the inner part of the fruit.

Instead this is what I got:
What the...

Maybe I was blinded by the 300 greens I'd stared at. I looked back at the paint color of the wall in the color sample and at the gallon of paint I currently possessed and what I had was indeed NOT a honeydew melon but, in my opinion:

In all fairness bananas do start out green but I in no way want the life cycle of a banana on my walls.

I'd prefer #1 or #2 actually...

So as the epic home depot freak out commenced, there was literally nothing I could do. There is no way I can put this color on his walls. Thankfully the play room needs to be painted as well. I guess my hand has been forced into a chiquita themed room.

Lesson 2: Test test test but put a drop cloth down first.

Jasper was in major "I'm 2 and I do what I want!" mode so I had to wait until he was in bed to run out and pick up paint samples. I want/need to get this project done soon so time wasted on crying over banana colored rooms is not an option.

This time I went into it thinking GREEN! Trees, shamrocks, H & R Blocks logo, etc. I think I came up with a few good contenders.

The numbers correspond to the order on the wall.

They are still wet so I will take more photos in the morning and update accordingly. Oh, what's that 4th color you ask? Why it's bananadew!

What's your favorite out of this bunch?

To be continued!!!


  1. I actually like the honeydew best. I think 1 and 3 will be too bright and I think 2 could go mental institution or Grandma's house in 1943 really fast. Have you tried painting a posterboard with the honeydew to see what it looks like in a larger area? Or could you cut it with 25%-50% white?

    1. I'm going to wait until they dry to either make a decision or see if I need to expand the test sample. Most of his decor is jungle themed but his room is smallish and there is no over head lighting which is why I wanted a brighter color.

  2. I like the honeydew and the 3rd one.

  3. We had the same issue with honeydew!! My dds picked it for their basement bedroom. We got it on one wall, then stopped to look at it. It had to go. And we had foolishly committed to a whole gallon. I think the whole room ended up pearl white, because our retinas were still burned.