Monday, June 11, 2012

What is This??

Early, early this morning I made a discovery.

You see, I had a terrible nights rest. I kept hearing banging from somewhere in the house. It started around 3 am. Each time it happened I would get up to investigate but every time I opened the bedroom door, the noise seemed to stop. One by one I went to various rooms searching for the noise each time it happened. This went on until 4:30 am (and now I see why having a larger home is not always a great idea.) Finally, around 4:45 am I discovered the cause!! My 16 lb kitten was trapped in a cabinet in the bathroom and the banging was her hitting the door, trying to escape (and quickly giving up because, hey, she's 16 freaking pounds.) After freeing the semi-lazy beast I finally settled back into bed around 5 am only to be serenaded by the loudest, most off key bird in existence. It had decided that the tree right beside my window was the perfect place for an early morning love song. Some where around 5:30 I dozed off to be awoken, for good, by my alarm at 7 AM. As I'm laying in bed wondering if there is a way to trap the bird and send it far away (or feed it to the already plump cat) I looked at the head of the bed and saw this.

What I discovered is...I'm horribly unobservant.
 I've never seen this before. I've never seen one period so I have no idea what it is but I doubt it installed itself over night so I'm pretty sure I just assumed it was a telephone jack and didn't pay it much mind. Of course at 7 am, I'd rather look at this thing then get out of bed so here it is! Finally getting the attention it so craves.

7 AM photo quality

So I don't know, maybe my house is playing some kind of Morse code game with me. It's probably saying something like "get a head board!" or "clean the floors darn it!"

Really, who knows.

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  1. Maybe it's a fancy hole cover and you put it over where an outlet or light switch used to be.