Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lighting War: The First Battle Won!

Let's see if you can figure out what is wrong in these pictures...

If you said "Hey, those ceilings need to be painted!" then yes, you would technically be correct BUT if you said "Hmmm looks like you've got a lighting issue on your hands" then you would win a prize! (ok not really)

None of the bedroom/halls/other random rooms, etc have over head lighting. Some of the ceiling are rather low as well so I'm not sure how the original owners worked out the whole "candles + low ceilings= FIRE!!!" equation.

We've decided that busting into walls and running wires would not only be time consuming and wasteful but also an exercise in insanity. We have enough of that on our hands already so easy route it is!

Originally when I picked out this light fixture it was more for the "awww pretty!" aspect and not because I thought it was actually functional.

This was also an exercise in reading comprehension. As we were preparing to hang it, none of us realized it lacked one crucial item...

Ahhh yes! A cord kit! Now that would be helpful! So two trips to home depot later (apparently I had no idea what a cord kit really was) we had the correct supplies! Well ok not really. What's the best way hang a wire on horse hair plaster walls that love to crumble?

OMG COMMAND STRIPS! YOU THINK OF EVERYTHING!!! So yes, a trip to walmart later and we were finally (really) ready to go!

Here is a picture that shows the light with the wire. Not the prettiest thing but the light is hooked up to the light switch. (yes all of these lightless rooms have light switches, I see the irony here)

Close up of the light unlit. Yes, it looks nothing like it does on the box.

Woohoo instagram!

Here is the light lit up.

 I love the reflection on the ceiling. Over all it was worth it and my daughter loves it which is all that counts.


  1. I love the chandelier! I'm wondering what the deal is with those switches, though. Was it one of those things they did 40-50 years or so ago where the light switch was hooked to an outlet? If they could wire that up, why didn't they just install a ceiling light at that time?

  2. The light switches are connected to outlets. It's actually a pretty fun game of "see which outlet goes to the switch" because it's never the one closest or the one that would make the most sense.