Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We've lived here quite a few months now but for some reason we still lack one thing, wall art. Sure we own a lot but it doesn't seem to make it up on the wall. I'm happy to say that after 4 months we've finally hung something up!

I know, amazing isnt it?

I cant guarantee that the wall wont be painted soon, thus it'll have to come back down but at least it's something.

So... it's a little high. Maybe I need to rethink this after all. A mirror perhaps to help redirect the light? Typically it's a pretty dark corridor.

The picture itself is an estate sale find. I noticed when I first bought it that it was a little grimy but I clearly underestimated it. Last night I finally got to cleaning it and well, damn that thing was filthy! It must have been in a kitchen or restaurant because it was covered in grease! The print is vintage though so I guess it's worth it. Completely disgusting and I felt like a needed a bath afterwards, but worth it.

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