Sunday, April 1, 2012

Furniture Jenga, Day 2

Finally made it back from the second day of the tag sale. Next year we are getting a uhaul. I really have no self control at these things and if I could have fit more, I would have!

Thankfully the Settee made it home, unharmed. I couldn't get a picture of it in good, outdoor lighting because it was beginning to drizzle unfortunately.

It, along with the other 2 seats, will need work. A good cleaning of the upholstery, restuffing, re tacking and firming up the frame. Really I'd say about 8 hours worth but definitely worth it for the price.

I haven't yet explored on here my love for old photos, paintings and frames but I found one at the sale that I could not pass up!

Well don't mind if I do!

So the entire lot, desk, painting, Settee and 2 chairs was a grand total of $200. Not bad for a weekend!

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