Monday, April 9, 2012

A Few Random Updates

Busy busy busy around the house due to the holidays. Hopefully we can make more progress as the weather warms up (haha, I forgot this is New England.)

First I'll start with the newest acquisitions.

I love silhouettes! I've always wanted to get some done of the kids and I but so far I haven't been able to find anyone to do it. I found this pair at an antique shop for $3! Cant beat that.

Now to the furniture...

Well we fit it through the door, haha. It's currently in the dining room as we are still unpacking and clearing room in the parlor. Oh and we don't have a dining room table so it fits nicely.

Apparently this is how you decorate a fireplace that could swallow a Volvo.

And finally....

My 200 year old door would like to wish you a happy Easter!


  1. This etsy shop does silhouettes on plates. I have two of her plates (santa cookies and a "celebrate x" one for my daughter) and really like them.

  2. You're making me yearn for a Yankee house.