Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project of the Day

We are still conquering Battle Lighting. I didn't realize how difficult it is to light a room completely when it's not from over head. Lesson Learned! There is no way to wire the upper floor unless we start tearing into more walls then we planned on. In the mean time, we are getting creative :)

Behold! Ugly floor lamp!

We picked up a few of the above bad boys from Ikea for $7. Awesome price but they aren't the pretty things. Since this is in one of the play rooms I thought it needed a little extra something.

Serena is always begging me to buy these. They have the 50 pack with a variety of sizes for $1 so i caved. Unfortunately they never made it to the ceiling. No problem though, we found another use!

It's a fun little project with the kids. We used the tacky stuff that the kit came with but I thing I may re do it and use clear glue instead. Any suggestions on a kind or brand?


 And an instant night light, the kids approved :)

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  1. Ooh, I bet my son would love a lamp like that. I think you can get flat wire that can be plastered onto the ceiling and made basically invisible. Either that or you can start building fake beams, lol.